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On-line meeting with professor Anna Kuligowska-Korzeniewska (The Aleksander Zelwerowicz Theater Academy in Warsaw) and Elżbieta Manthey (publisher) on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the premiere of Szymon An-ski's "The Dybbuk" performed by the Vilnius Troupe (Warsaw, 9 December 1920) and 95th anniversary of the Polish premiere at the Municipal Theater in Łódź in 1925.

During the meeting, a bilingual edition of An-ski's drama will be presented with an introduction by Professor Anna Kuligowska-Korzeniewska, entitled "Dybbuk - the Jewish Dziady".

The publisher of the book is the ADiT Drama and Theater Agency, co-publishers: The Shalom Foundation and the he Ester Rachel and Ida Kaminska Jewish Theater - Center for Jewish Culture.


5 września 2020_14.00
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