Opening concert: "Astronomy of the poet. Baczynski" & "Letter to You"

 A double meeting with music and poetry on the open-air stage of Radio Łódź.


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Fot. Ksawery Zamoyski


The album "Astronomy of the poet. Baczyński” with songs based on poems by Krzysztof Kamil Baczyński, performed by Mela Koteluk and the Kwadrofonik band, was released on July 24 this year and immediately hit the top of the sales lists.

The selection of poetry, compositions and the musical concept of the project are the joint work of Mela Koteluk and Bartek Wąsik, who is also the author of the arrangement.

From the very beginning, we were guided by the intention to show Baczyński as a pacifist and mystic, a man in love with life. We managed to recreate the clear and bright face of Krzysztof and highlight the extraordinary sensitivity and universality of his work. It seems that his brilliant insights about the world and people resulted more from an outstanding sense of observation and intuition than from a life experience that was interrupted so early, the artists say.

The album was published by the Warsaw Uprising Museum, and is distributed by Warner Music Poland.


September 3rd_20.00


Dagadana small 

"List do Ciebie" ("Letter to You") is the third studio album of the DAGADANA group, combining the sounds characteristic for the band with the poetry of Janusz Różewicz, the brother of Tadeusz and Stanisław, little known in Poland.

Carefully selected texts blend well with the musical layer, combining jazz, folk and electronics.

With the help of music, DAGADANA emphasizes the beauty of the work of a young poet, whom the world has not had time to recognize and appreciate. The musicians hope that this unusual combination will allow Janusz Różewicz's poems to reach the widest possible audience. The project is also supported by the poet's family.

The group worked on the album with the American drummer Frank Parker (he collaborated with Kurt Elling, Randy Brecker and John Patitucci and many others), and the entire musical production was supervised by Marcin Pospieszalski (he collaborated with Armia, Raz Dwa Trzy, Martyna Jakubowicz, Zakopower, Tie Break, Young Power, Soyka Yanina & Kompania, Anna Maria Jopek and many others).

For over 12 years, DAGADANA has been perfectly combining elements of Ukrainian and Polish culture through jazz, electronics and world music, while remaining an ambassador of the Slavic culture: both Polish and Ukrainian. During their performances, they crosse the borders between nations, between the stage and the audience, proving that honesty in music is the beginning of a mystical adventure, an exchange happening between people.

The band has played at Glastonbury (UK), Virada Cultural (Brazil), Shanghai World Music (China), Festival of Desert Peoples (Morocco), Open'er and Woodstock (Poland).

A new album by DAGADANA with songs from Ukraine and Poland will be released this autumn.


September 3rd_18.30


Radio Łódź - outdoor scene, ul. Narutowicza 130





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