RoguckiKaras 15 


A duo that appeared on the Polish stage after the suspension of Coma and The Dumplings. In this tandem Kuba Karaś is responsible for the production and Piotr Rogucki deals with the lyrics and both refine the music. A seemingly risky combination of two different sensitivities and metrics gave a material that saw the light of day in the form of an album the beginning of 2020.

The artists themselves describe the output of their cooperation as automotive-catastrophic erotica. And it is easy to quess, they are not just ordinary love songs, but the songs about feelings in the era of the end of civilization.

"The Last Bastion of Romanticism" is composed of 11 stories of love in the time of a cyber plague. The whole thing took a dark and dense form, inspired by the music of the 80s, cold wave and new romantic.




September 5th_20.00
Radio Łódź - outdoor scene, Narutowicza 130





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